Calendar and prices

Prices include: 

  • Training on-site in your company, and/or distance-learning online. 
  • Assessment of students’ levels by means of written tests and interviews.
  • Guidance and advice regarding the linguistic needs and results of the level tests. 
  • Design of the course programmes. 
  • Coordination of the courses (teaching staff, programmes and students).
  • Evaluation of students’ progress is communicated in reports sent to the company. 
  • Presentation of the end-of-course reports, achievement of objectives, and evaluation and comments regarding each student. 
  • Report on the feedback and evaluation of courses by the students themselves. 
  • Qualifications.
  • Teachers travel to your company (within Barcelona Zone 1)

Calendar for the start of courses

  • Assessment of levels and the needs analysis.
  • Two or three days to complete the level tests.
  • Guidance on the composition of groups and course formats.
  • Two days after completion of the level tests, the company receives a presentation on the results of level tests and needs analysis.
  • Proposals for training and course calendars.
  • Training proposal, quotation and calendar for each course. Once the proposal and calendar are approved by the company, teachers are assigned to each course. 
  • Course programmes for the general courses in English.
  • Course programmes for each course corresponding to the type of course, students’ levels, and the agreed objectives for the course. 

Time required in order for courses to begin

The process, from carrying out level tests to the start of courses, last four to six weeks, depending on the number of groups and students involved.

For further information please fill in this form or send an email to the In Company courses coordinator Mark Aspinall at