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Thank you for keeping on learning with us

Grācies per continuar aprenent amb nosaltres

Over 20 years of providing high-quality education.


UAB Idiomes Barcelona would like to thank our students for their loyalty, interest and effort, given the ongoing public-health crisis. We are grateful for their trust in our school and their decision to continue studying with us even when we have had to switch their usual lessons to a new online format. Nonetheless, we would like to remind them that we will go back to face-to-face lessons as soon as the situation improves, and it is safe for our students and teachers.

From the beginning of the current situation, our objective has been to continue teaching and not interrupt our students’ learning process. To do so, our school has had to adapt rapidly to the emerging needs by, for instance, turning our face-to-face classes into online lessons as well as training our teachers to use new tools and implementing a new online teaching platform. Providing a high-quality language service to our students has been our goal for over 20 years now.

From UAB Idiomes Barcelona, we would like to express our gratitude to our students for their commitment and dedication to learning and improving their languages, even in the most difficult times.


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