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Changes to teaching at UAB Idiomes Campus

Imatge Canvis Docència Octubre 2020

The Language Services-UAB Idiomes Campus will be implementing the new measures agreed by the UAB at the request of the Government of Catalonia and is adapting all its courses to online format.


As a result of the new measures declared by the Government of Catalonia and the agreement of the UAB, from 15 to 30 October the Language Service-UAB Campus will offer all its courses in online format.

Any examination sessions that were already programmed, or on-demand examinations will continue to take place face to face.

All students on courses will receive an email informing you of the steps you need to take to follow your courses on line. We would like to remind you that our support service will also continue to be available on the following channels:


We will be available to answer any questions you may have.


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