Edit & Present: let us help you with your presentation in English!

Edit & Present: a helping hand with presentations in English.

Edit & Present helps anyone who will shortly be presenting a paper, giving a talk, or taking part in a debate...in English.

Even if you speak good English, you may have some doubts along these lines:

"On the Powerpoint the technical terms are definitely OK... but what about the grammar?"

We'll thoroughly revise all the texts you'll use and, if necessary, we can go over the proposed changes with you.
"How do you pronounce that word?" We can make an mp3 recording of your talk so that you can listen to it on your way to the conference.  
"Will the audience be able to follow me?" We can do rehearsals and follow up with feedback -in person, in writing, or even using a recording of the session.

Some user comments:

"... now I am back from Zurich, I would like to thank you for all your advice and work, both with the written text and the Powerpoint and with the preparation for the talk itself... ."(Dr. I. Fernández, Dept. d'Història Moderna i Contemporània).

"This tutorial has been very useful for us. It has cleared up many doubts we had about our preparation."(C. Romero and A. València, ETC, Students Unit).


For more information or to ask for a quote, email us at this address: traduccions@uab.cat.

We'll get back to you promptly.