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Minut de silenci per la pau

The UAB inaugurates a peace series with university members from Eastern Europe

On 6 April, the UAB will be holding an institutional event entitled "Vent de l'est: guerra i pau als confins d'Europa" [Wind From the East: war and peace on the edges of Europe], in which members of the university community from Serbia, Rumania, Russia and Ukraine will share their impressions on the conflict currently taking place in Ukraine. The event will begin at 1 p.m. at the Journals Hall of the Humanities Library, at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities.

Researchers describe a mechanism that impairs cancer cell proliferation and induces death

UAB and Vall d’Hebron researchers identified the mechanism by which inhibitors of the ERK5 protein kinase impair the proliferation of cancer cells and induce their death. The results, obtained using human cancer cell lines, demonstrate that ERK5 inhibition activates cytotoxic autophagy, a process that triggers cancer cell death, without affecting healthy cells. A combination of ERK5 inhibitors and chemotherapy could improve cancer treatment.


The Animal Health Research Network-RISA

The Research Network in Animal Health (RISA) is coordinated by the Network of High Biological Safety Laboratories (RLASB) and has the participation of universities, research centers and the Vet+i Foundation, to promote technology transfer and scientific dissemination in animal health.