The Department Council

The Department Council, chaired by its director, is the collegiate governing body of the Department of Medicine. Its members are all doctor academic staff, a representation of the rest of the professors, a representation of the research staff in training and a representation of the administration and services personnel and the students.

The main competences of the Department Council are:
  • Prepare and approve the Regulations of the Department. Convene the director elections. Choose and revoke the director. Approve the relationship, distribution and execution of expenses.
  • Approve the annual report of its activities. Prepare reports that are within their competence and, especially, those related to the creation of new departments, and also to the creation, modification or elimination of degrees and their corresponding study plans, when they affect topics related to their areas of knowledge or specialties.
  • Schedule and coordinate the teaching task of the Department and propose the doctoral programs. Formulate to the Faculty Board the suggestions it deems appropriate in relation to the syllabus.

The management team

The management team of the Department consists of the director, the secretary, the coordinator of studies of third cycle, the coordinators of the departmental units and the coordinators of the knowledge areas.

The director of the Department exercises the functions of ordinary management and has the representation of the Department.

The secretary of the Department, who is also the secretary of the Department Council, is the person responsible for the acts or agreements that take place.

The coordinators and coordinators of departmental unit, knowledge area and third cycle program are the representatives that coordinate the activities of the corresponding entities. They are elected for the same period as the director of the Department.

Management team of the Department of Medicine
Name and Surnames Position E-mail address
Albert Selva O'Callaghan Director / Coordinator Departmental
Mª Isabel Bielsa Marsol Secretary
Jaume Alijotas Reig Third Cycle Coordinator
Rosa Corcoy Pla TU Sant Pau Coordinator
Manuel Monreal Bosch TU Germans Trias i Pujol Coordinator
Ramon Miralles Basseda TU Parc Salut Mar Coordinator
Xavier Calvet Calvo TU Parc Taulí Coordinator
Vicente García-Patos Briones Dermatology Area Coordinator
Jordi Giralt López de Sagredo Radiology Area Coordinator
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