The Department of Antiquity and Middle Age Studies was founded in 1995 as a space that brought together under an interdisciplinary structure the undergraduate degrees of Archaeology, History, Classical Studies and Humanities, and their shared teaching staff. The department is organized in two big areas: the Historico-Archaeological section (comprising the areas of Archaeology, Ancient History, Medieval History and Historiographical Sciences and Techniques), and the Philology section (comprising the areas of Indo-European Linguistics, Greek Philology and Latin Philology).

Since its creation, it has been directed by:

José Martínez (secretary: Joaquim Pera)
Pedro Luis Cano (secretary: Joaquim Pera, Joan Carbonell)
Josep Guitart (secretaries: Carlos Varias / Antoni Iglesias)
José Enrique Ruiz-Domènec (secretary: Óscar de la Cruz)
Jordi Cors (secretaries: Helena Kirchner/Carme Ruestes)
Joaquim Pera (secretary: Cándida Ferrero)
Gemma Puigvert (secretary: Antoni Virgili)



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