The area (unit) of medieval history was founded in 1968 and is part of the Department of Antiquity and Middle Age Studies since 1996.

It has a number of lines of research: medieval archaeology, and more specifically, the study of agricultural settlements and areas in the society of Al-Andalus and in feudal contexts; monetary history, ceramology; the documentary line focuses mainly on the study of formation and expansion of feudal Catalonia, particularly the analysis of documentation and uses of law, the role of women in feudal societies and the monitoring of kinship structures in medieval Catalonia.

In parallel, the Institute of Medieval Studies of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) works, among others, on the following lines of research: the origin and development of feudal lineages, institutions in the Middle Ages. Within this institute, the Occitan Archive does research on Occitan culture and society.

The current lines of research of the unit are:

- Agricultural areas in al-Andalus and feudal societies (Helena Kirchner)
- Andalusian archaeology and feudal settings (Helena Kirchner)
- Archaeological applications of archival documentats (Ramon Martí)
- Occupation, organization and defense of medieval territory (Ramon Martí)
- Andalusian pottery (Helena Kirchner)
- Agriculture in al-Andalus (Fèlix Retamero)
- Currency and taxation in the middle ages (Fèlix Retamero)
- Feudal processes of conquest and colonization (Antoni Virgili)

Unit coordinator: Fèlix Retamero Serralvo

Unit members:

- Tània Alaix i Gimbert
- Carolina Batet Company
- Jesús Brufal Sucarrat
- Ariadna Closa Ribera
- Ignacio Diaz Sierra
- Antoni Ferrer Abarzuza
- Helena Kirchner Granell
- Ramon Martí Castelló
- Marina Mateu Mercadé
- Júlia Olivé Busom
- Núria Pacheco Catalán
- Fèlix Retamero Serralvo
- Mateu Riera Rullan
- Ramon Sarobe Huesca
- Josep Maria Vila Carabasa
- Antoni Virgili Colet




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