Studies in Classical Philology were founded by latinists Virgilio Bejarano and Eduart Valentí Fiol, and by helenists Josep Alsina and Josep Vives when the Faculty of Arts and Humanities was created in 1968. Latin Philology is one of the areas that were established by the Department of Antiquity and Middle Age Studies.

The teaching staff share a strong sense of commitment to quality and innovation in teaching, and attach special importance to their research activities. Their lines of research show a common interest in the transmission of the social, political and literary messages of roman culture across history periods, genres and supports; also, a strong inclination for interdisciplinary approaches that can bring together archaeology, medieval and ancient history, paleography, literature and communcations.

Researchers in the Latin philology unit are conducting cutting-edge studies in the following areas: Latin and medieval literature, and more specifically the reception of the Arab culture in Latin; epigraphy, and the study of historic and literary epigraphic sources such as the carmina epigraphica; Christian Latin; humanism and the classical tradition in Catalan authors; Latin teaching methodology, and the classical tradition in cinema and television. Our team works in close collaboration with the other areas of the department with the main purpose to enrich the field of Antiquity and Middle Age Sciences and to provide a fruitful framework for our integrated BA studies.

Unit coordinator: Cándida Ferrero Hernández

Unit members:
- Sandra Cano Aguilera
- Francisco Carbajo Molina
- Joan Carbonell Manils
- Ulisse Cecini
- Óscar Luís de la Cruz Palma
- Cándida Ferrero Hernández
- Alexander Martin Fidora Riera
- Sebastià Giralt Soler
- Jesús Gómez Puig
- Gerad González Germain
- Agustí Justicia Lara
- José Martínez Gázquez
- Jaume Medina Casanova
- Gemma Puigvert Planagumà
- Antonia Rísquez Madrid





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