The BA in Classics at UAB has included the areas of Greek and Latin philology since it began in 1967. These studies were later completed with the area of Indoeuropean studies. Today, the BA in Classical studies is taught by the Department of Antiquity and Middle Age studies.

Its members are currently working on the following lines of research:

- Greek mythographers. Critical, annotated edition.
- Immigration and contact of populations in Ancient Greece.
- Mycenaology. Studies of the Mycenaean civilization.
- Greek syntax studies. Sentence syntax. Sophocles. Phylo of Biblos.

Unit coordinator: Marta Oller Guzmán

Unit members:

- Ariadna Arriaza
- Margalida Capellà
- Jordi Cors i Meya
- Joaquim Gestí Bautista
- Marta Oller Guzmán
- Joan Pagés Cebrián
- Jordi Pàmias Massana
- Daniel Ramon Garcia
- Carlos Varias García




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