Professor Alberto Prieto has been directing a research group on landscape studies in roman times since 1986. The group is part of larger projects funded by the European Comission (COST Action G.2, 1994-2001; COST Action A27, 2004-2008). It has obtained consecutive projects with funding from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, as “War and peace: landscapes and social order in roman Hispania” (MEC-HUM2004-04213/HIST 2004-2007) which is currently being conducted together with the Universitat the Lleida.

Since November 2005, professor Prieto coordinates the consolidated research group AREA (Area of Research in Antiquity Studies: landscapes, social control and historical memory 2005SGR-00991), funded by AGAUR-Generalitat de Catalunya with the collaboration of a number of Spanish and European universities (Complutense, Santiago de compostela, Huelva, Almería (Spain), Bordeaux III and Franche-Comté-Besançon (France), Gent (Belgium – Flandes), Pisa (Italy).

The area of Ancient History organized the international symposium “Colony, colonization and landscape in classical antiquity” (march, 1992) and a workshop within the COST-ACTION G2 (April, 1998). More recently they organized a round table entitled “War and territory in the roman world: a historic-archaeological discussion” (8-9 march, 2005) which has just been published: Ñaco, T. & Arrayás, I. (Eds.), War and Territory in the Roman World / Guerra y territorio en el mundo romano, with a prologue by Paul Erdkamp, British Archaeological Reports, International Series 1530 (Oxford 2006).

Lines of research:

- Territorial organization in roman Hispania (Alberto Prieto)
- Social history of classical antiquity (Alberto Prieto)
- Antiquity in cinema (Alberto Prieto)
- Landscape exploitation and transformation of La Cerdanya in ancient times (Oriol Olesti)
- Rural land ownership in roman Catalonia (Oriol Olesti)
- Rural landscapes of roman times in Limestone Massif - Syria (Oriol Olesti)
- History of Ancient Historiography (Jordi Cortadella)
- History of Archaeology (Jordi Cortadella)
- Alexander the great and Macedonian kingdoms (Borja Antela)
- War in the ancient Greek world (Borja Antela)
- Women and violence in the Ancient World (Borja Antela)
- Sulla and Sertorius, conflict in civil wars (Borja Angela)
- Romanisation and transformation of roman-conquered territory in the Iberian Penninsula (Isaias Arrayás)
- The impact of Rome on eastern and western Asia Minor territories (Isaias Arrayás)
- History of war in Ancient Near East (Jordi Vidal)
- historiographic tendencies in Assyriology

Unit coordinator: Jordi Cortadella Morral

Unit members:

- Borja Antela Bernárdez
- Isaías Arrayás Morales
- Jordi Cortadella Morral
- Agnès Garcia Ventura
- Marc Mendoza Sanahuja
- Jordi Morera Camprubí
- Oriol Olesti Vila
- Joan Oller Guzmán
- Alberto Prieto Arciniega
- Jordi Vidal Palomino




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