When the Spanish University System implemented the division of departments into teaching units, Archaeology was part of the academic area of Historiographic Sciences and Techniques. It was not until later that it became an independent unit.

At the UAB, the Archaeology unit belonged initially to the Department of Art. When the Department of Antiquity and Middle Age Studies was established, Archaeology eventually became part of it.

Its main lines of research orient to Roman Archaeology, constituting a Consolidated Research Group recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya with the participation of researchers from a number of public institutions such as the Museu de Mataró.
Within Roman Archaeology, emphasis is put on the study of roman towns and territorial structure. Besides, there is the study of a range of aspects of material culture such as ceramics, inorganic raw materials, epigraphy and sculpture.

Unit coordinator: Joaquim Pera Isern

Unit members:
- David Asensio Vilaró
- Francesc-Xavier Busquets Costa
- Cèsar Carreras Monfort
- Laia Catarineu Iglesias
- Pau de Soto Cañamares
- Josep Guitart Duran
- Joaquim Pera Isern
- Josep Maria Puche Fontanilles
- Alessandro Ravotto
- Isabel Rodà de Llanza
- Esther Rodrigo Requena
- Núria Romaní Sala




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