On this page you will find information about newspapers and magazines. Remember that you have El Quiosco (digital press portal). If you have questions you can go to the counter on the 4th floor or contact the library.

This is the list of print newspapers currently received at the library. The latest issues can be found at the display stands on the fourth floor of the Library:

The last number arrived from a newspaper will be on the display stands of the  fourth floor of the Library (to locate it consult this floor map; section A of the 4th floor). Keep in mind that some newspapers arrive by mail and are not received on the same day they are published.

Go to the 4th floor counter of the Communication Library or contact the Library.

The news about a certain topic  can be searched using the press indexing databases. Look up the UAB press data bases page.

Go to the 4th floor counter of the Communication Library and also look up the UAB press databases page.

The resources providing this information can be found at the Audience page. For Spanish newspapers look up the Boletín de la Oficina de Justificación de la Difusión.

Search the title of the supplement in the Search engine. If it appears in the search engine, look for the signature and the location. In case you do not find it in the search engine, it will be inside the newspaper. For example, the cultural supplement Babelia is not found in the catalogue: this means that you have to look for it in the corresponding copy of El País.

The search can be extended to the CCUC (Collective Catalog of the Universities of Catalonia). We also highlight the newspaper libraries of these 3 institutions:

On the Press Resources page you will find different press databases, many of which are on free access and contain old digitised press.

You can request deposit documents from the Search Engine; you have to identify yourself and click "Get it". You also can call  93 581 23 38 during the opening hours of the Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives (from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 9:00 h).

It's probably being bound. To find out if a specific number of a newspaper is being bound, consult the newspaper record in the Search Engine, where you will find the updated information of the publications that are currently in the bookbinder's workshop. The newspapers take about a month to bind. Meanwhile, you can:
  • Look up if the digital version of the newspaper is available.
  • Look up if there is any database that indexes this newspaper: UAB press databases.
  • Look at the bookshelf if there is a folder of duplicate numbers.