Anthropology databases

eHRAF world cultures
eHRAF World Cultures contains ethnographic collections covering all aspects of cultural and social life. You can browse by cultures from all over the world (A-Z Index, by region, by country, by map), by major subjets and by documents.

Base de dades Col·lecció Sabater Pi
It contains unpublished material, such as photographs, slides, drawings, correspondence, interviews with newspapers and magazines, scientific works by other authors and specialized in ethnography and primatology, brochures and personal documentation of Dr. Sabater Pi.

Dr. Sabater Pi - Naturalista
Digital collection that is part of the Digital Memory of Catalonia of the CBUC. Give access to the digitized fund of more than 2,000 drawings and watercolors of naturalistic themes, two field books, photographs and ethnographic slides and slides of the first images of the albino gorilla Snowflake. All digitized material comes from the Sabater Pi Collection.

Psychology & behavioral sciences collection
Database that gives access to the complete text of some 530 journals specialized in psychiatry, psychology, mental processes, emotional and behavioral characteristics, anthropology and experimental methods. Coverage begins in 1965.

Humanities Full text
Bibliographic database that collects citations of articles published in specialized journals in the humanities. Access to full-text articles published as of January 1995.

Portal of the CSIC that collects and disseminates mainly research articles published in Spanish scientific journals. It includes the old ISOC database, specialized in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Database of multidisciplinary scope that provides the full text of the retrospective fund of 117 Anglo-Saxon academic journals the following thematic fields: Anthropology, Political Science, Ecology, Economy and Finance, Education, Statistics, Asian and African-American Studies, History, Literature, Mathematics, Demography and Sociology.

ProquestSocial SciencesPremium collection
Platform with many resources in the field of social sciences. It contains, among others, the databases of ProQuest Sociology, Sociological abstracts, PAIS and Political Science. It offers abstracts, journal articles, books, book chapters and working papers. Access to the full text of more than 1000 journals.