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The collection of animal and food science can be found by consulting the catalog If you search for a specific document, you can search by keyword, author name, title, etc.

You will find the resources on paper and also the electronic resources available in the UAB libraries. In the case of needing documents on a subject, an advanced search by subject will be necessary.

You can consult the Digital Deposit of Documents of the UAB (DDD) will allow you to access the digitized fund and the scientific, educational and institutional production of the UAB (guides and teaching resources of Veterinary and Food Science and Technology, TFG, etc.). )



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Here are some help materials:

Study plans - Veterinary Medicine

You can also consult other help guides offered by the Library Service of the UAB.

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  • Floor 0. New acquisitions.
  • Floor 1. Obsolet collection —books publised before 1990—, historial collection, films and documentaries on DVD, reserach wordks, brochures, doctoral theses and archival material.