As an Erasmus Student, can I apply for the Pre-Established Programme?
Erasmus students cannot apply for the Pre-Established Programme because this programme is for visiting students who are not eligible for the Erasmus Exchange or any other UAB international exchange programme.

Is it possible to combine Pre-Established and Selected Courses Programmes?
Not at the same time, due to the incompatibility of as calendars, timetables and locations.

Is it possible to mix courses from different tracks in the Pre-Established Programme?
Yes. Students have the possibility of combining courses from different tracks as long as the timetables are compatible.

Is it mandatory to take Spanish language courses?
It is not mandatory to take Spanish language courses, although it is highly recommended to make the most of the Barcelona experience.

Do I need an English Language Certificate or Spanish Language Certificate in order to be accepted on the Pre-established Programme?
Native English speakers don´t need an English language certificate. Non-native speakers need to present proof of a level of English equivalent to 78 points TOEFL. Native Spanish speakers wishing to take subjects taught in Spanish don’t need a Spanish language certificate. Non-native Spanish speakers need to prove a minimum Spanish language level of B2.

Where can I find the syllabi of the courses?
You can find them in this link.

How can UAB credits be validated at my home university?
At the end of the programme students receive a transcript of grades that may be used to validate credits at their home university. As the transfer system depends on each university, it is the student’s responsibility to check how to transfer their credits in advance, at their home institution.