International Programmes - Selected Courses


As an Erasmus Student, can I apply for the Selected Courses Programme?
Erasmus students cannot apply for the Selected Courses Programme because they are addressed to those who cannot benefit from the Erasmus Exchange or any other UAB international exchange programme and wish to come to the UAB as visiting students.

Is it possible to combine Pre-Established and Selected Courses Programmes?
Not at the same time, calendars and locations are different and can’t be combined at the same time.

Is it possible to take subjects of different UAB faculties?
You can take subjects of up to two different faculties, but more than 50 % of the subjects must be held in one of them.

Do I need a Spanish language certificate in order to be accepted in the Selected Courses Programme?
To enrol in Selected Courses non-native Spanish speakers should present a Spanish Language Certificate (minimum B2 CEFRL).

How can UAB credits be transferred at my home University?
At the end of the programme students receive a transcript of grades that may be used to validate credits at their home university. As the transfer system depends on each university, it is the student’s responsibility to check how to validate their credits at their home institution in advance.