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Credits allocated in recognition of extra-curricular activities

The UAB offers you the possibility of earning credits which go towards obtaining your bachelor's degree. For the full list of extra-curricular activities with credit recognition, please view this document.

You can download the online form here. Below you will find more information on several UAB services and entities offering these types of activities:

The Employability Service focuses on guiding, accompanying and offering support to UAB students and graduates in their search for employment and entrance into the job market. It organises socially responsible activities in which participants can become familiar with the employment sector by gaining the skills and specialisation needed to improve their professional position.

It also offers training programmes focused on generating ideas and social entrepreneurship through its UAB-Emprèn Programme.

More information on the courses and workshops of the Employability Service.

The Community Involvement Unit aims to encourage participation beyond the classroom, working to favour the development and consolidation of a network of associations, and offering support to student representation. In addition, the unit's fixed term programmes help students become involved in the community through activities focused on internationalisation and network creation.

You can find more information on the activities organised at the Community Involvement website.

Cultura en Viu is the UAB's programme for cultural production, creation and promotion. It was created with the aim of providing academic support and provision to the university community. Its activities focus on promoting creativity, developing a critical viewpoint and approaching the artistic management and creation processes.

Join one of the teams and find out more about the activities organised by Cultura en Viu

The Observatory for Equality studies and diagnoses inequalities at university and makes proposals to correct them. One of its main tasks is to raise awareness and foster debate on this subject. It organises different activities promoting awareness and participation in the community to create a more inclusive university.

The Observatory website offers more information on these activities.

The Fundació Autònoma Solidària (FAS) contributes to making the university more supportive with a greater commitment to social situations through voluntary participation by members of the university community. It organises activities which aim to promote social transformation.

You can visit the Fundació Autònoma Solidària website to see all the activities they organise.

You can also obtain additional academic credits for foreign language courses.

You can check the charts of equivalence to Level B1 or above of the language certificates and diplomas of foreign language recognition (English, French, German and Italian) approved by the Junta del Consell Interuniversitari de Catalunya and in accordance with the standsards set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). If you do not hold an official certificate you will need to take a level exam.
If you do hold an official certificate from before you began your studies at the UAB, you will be able to validate it.

English language

As long as the subject or activity is not included in a degree oriented towards teaching the language or in a language minor, you will be able to validate credits in the following cases:

  • A stay in a foreign university while participating in a mobility programme, taking a minimum of 30 credits in English.
  • Passing subjects in English included in the curriculum of the UAB studies.
  • Language courses by the Servei de Llengües.
  • Passing level tests at the Servei de Llengües.
  • Courses by institutions recognised by the UAB. Find them in annex 10 of the following regulation.
Obtaining credits for other languages and communication systems
  • Sign language and braille courses taken in official centres with recognition from the Education autorities. You will be able to validate 1.5 credits for each level passed.
Credits for catalan courses
  • Catalan Level C2 courses can be validated for 3 credits.
Other foreign languages
  • Stay in a foreign university while participating in a mobility programme, taking a minimum of 30 credits in other foreign languages.
  • Educational activities in other foreign languages are worth the same credit recognition as English ones, as long as the language is the same that you took as a foreign language in the PAU tests (University Access Tests).
  • Educational activities in a different language from the one you were assessed in iun the PAU tests, will have up to 3 credits recognition per level, according to the level chart by UAB Servei de Llengües and counting from level 1 of this chart.
Other activities

The Language Service organises a series of language and cultural activities to help students practice languages and to foster the multicultural character of the university campus. These proposals foster the participation of students in all areas related to the use of languages and the management of multilingual contexts, More information can be found at the Language Service website.

The Servei d'Activitat Física (SAF) is in charge of the UAB sports facilities and organises and promotes the practice of the physical activity at university.

The SAF offers courses on health and physical activity. More information can be found at the SAF website.