UAB Master's Degrees and Graduate Diplomas

Graduate Diploma in Executive Management of Archival and Records Management Services

Graduate Diploma in Executive Management of Document and Archive Services

The objectives of the UAB Graduate School of Archives and Records Management, together with those of the Associació d'Arxivers de Catalunya (Catalan Archivist Association), include the offer of graduate training to persons that need to be in charge of archive or record management services, so they possess the tools and strategies to successfully perform management duties and be able to lead processes of innovation and organisational change.

The Graduate Diploma in Executive Management of Document and Archive Services is a response to the increasing need among public and private organisations for the people in charge of their record management and archive services to be properly trained in order to meet the challenges and needs of organisations that are adapting to a changing society.

The syllabus of this graduate diploma therefore covers the different areas involved in the proper management of such centres (strategic vision, planning and organization, infrastructures, technological resources, management of project teams, economic resources, results and quality focused management, communication and services).

The course is run in collaboration with professionals of recognized prestige in the included fields.


The graduate diploma is aimed at training archivists and record managers in public administration and private companies and institutions in the fields of the executive management of archive centres and record management services.

The main objective is to provide adequate training to these professionals in the direction of such facilities in order to plan, manage and communicate strategically.

This diploma may be accessed from any licentiate degree, bachelor’s degree or diploma. In justified cases, accessed is permitted to uncertified students with proven professional experience and if the course is passed, students shall be awarded a certificate of attendance and progress.

Certificate awarded

  • Graduate Diploma in Executive Management of Document and Archive Services.

Professional Opportunities

  • In public administrations with record management services and archive centres that are custodians of documentary heritage (state administration, and regional, departmental, county, local administrations, etc.).
  • In private entities and organisations (universities, professional associations and guilds, schools, religious institutions, private archives, etc.).
  • In companies offering record and archive services (consultancies, archive organisations, digitalisation services, document security systems, destruction of documents, document management software, etc.).