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Graduate Diploma in Electronic Records Management

Graduate Diploma in Management of Electronic Records

The UAB Graduate School of Archives and Records Management is opening applications for the Graduate Diploma in Management of Electronic Records with a totally renewed syllabus that includes the latest advances in the record management sector, in information and communication technologies, and in transparency, accessibility and accountability policies..

The purpose is to offer a graduate course specialising in archive studies, and also to respond to the challenges arising from the development of the knowledge society and electronic administration.

The course is run in collaboration with professionals of recognized prestige in the included fields.


This graduate diploma is aimed at training archivists in public administration and private companies in the fields of new technologies related with archives.

It also provides appropriate training in the processing and management of electronic records, in order to participate in electronic administration projects and enable permanent preservation of documents in digital format.

Certificate awarded

This diploma may be accessed from any degree, bachelor’s degree or diploma. In justified cases, access is permitted to uncertified students with proven professional experience and if the course is passed, students shall be awarded a certificate of attendance.

Students accessing from a degree, bachelor’s degree or diploma shall receive a Graduate Diploma in Management of Electronic Records after the completion of all modules and the final project.

In other cases, students shall be issued a certificate of attendance of a graduate diploma course or a certificate for each of the modules that they have taken.

Professional Opportunities

  • Public administration, as a promoter of electronic administration (state administration, regional administrations, local councils, county councils, city councils, etc.).
  • In organisations, private entities and companies (universities, professional associations and guilds, educational centres, religious institutions, financial, real estate and professional entities, healthcare and medical sector, media, etc.).
  • In companies offering record and archive services (consultancies, organisation of archives, digitisation services, document security systems, destruction of documents, document management software, etc.).