UAB Languages - Information on discounts

UAB Idiomes offers you the following facilities and discounts for enrolment:

UAB Idiomes Campus

10% discount on English, French, German, Italian and Japanese classsroom-based courses for enrolments before 15 September 2016.
15% discount on the less/least expensive course fee if you study more than one language.
5% discount for single-parent families.
5% discount for officially recognised “large families” (currently, three or more children).
5% discount if you bring us a non-UAB student.
5% discount for those who have presented accreditation of their economic situation with a view to paying fees as a grant holder and who fulfil the requirements.  

The possibility to pay your enrolment through a loan.

If you’re a student starting in the 2016-2017 academic year, you can apply for one of the UAB Idiomes grants that will be published in January 2017.

Attention: the discounts are non-cumulative.

          UAB Idiomes Barcelona

If you’re a former student or you belong to the UAB Sphere, we have discounts for you when reserving a place on one of our courses:

20€ discount if you enrol on a Senior course
35€ discount if you enrol on a conversation course
50€ discount if you enrol on a general course
60€ discount if you enrol on a Senior course if you reserve the whole academic year
100€ discount on the enrolment of the second term, general course, if you pay the course in advance.

This discount is also available if you belong to one of the companies associated with UAB Idiomes Barcelona or if you have a family member (immediate family only) currently studying with us.