Beques i ajuts

Scholarships Language Service UAB offers 90 grants for UAB students first and second cycles, undergraduate and master's officer, to study in the Language Service during the current academic year.

Convocatoria de becas para estudiar en el Servicio de Lenguas de la UAB

10 scholarships to be awarded among students not enrolled at UAB during the current academic year and formalize enrollment in courses Language Service of the next academic year are reserved.

Also, the UAB offers 40 scholarships to attend summer intensive courses the Language Service organizes during the month of July. New students access to primary education degree in English from the Faculty of Education may choose one of the 10 scholarships that summons the Language Service.

To participate in the call should formalize registration in either English courses offered by the Service. Language learning aid for students who do curricular internships abroad UAB opens the call for aid for language learning students do internships abroad.

The undergraduate, master's and doctoral enrolled in any proper center of the UAB and prove that make a curricular internship abroad and can certify that they have done a language course are eligible for financial aid for studying languages . Young Fellowship UAB Languages convenes a scholarship for students in Catalonia residents aged between 16 and 24 years to enroll in a course of foreign languages offered by UAB Languages during the month of July 2013 or 2013-2014.