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Wellbeing and Development

Wellbeing as a part of the HR Excellence in Research strategy

The UAB is committed to improving the well-being and health of all its members. Therefore, it has implemented a series of initiatives to rise wellness culture on campus.


This project aims to improve the health of the university community as well as to promote healthy environments and habits of life. It also seeks to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly University. Every year, the UAB organises the Healthy and Sustainable Week, with free workshops, conferences, walks and sport activities open to all its members.

Information on all the activities is posted in a blog, together with some other news related to health: eating habits, management of emotions, lifestyle... 

Below you can find some of the conferences scheduled:

Strategies for motivation

Suicide prevention on campus


Servei Assistencial de Salut

This is a support service for the university community where the UAB allocates material, financial and human resources to provide physical, instrumental and personal support for preventive, promotional, assistance and research actions related to Health. It has a Psychology Unit ( that provides free of charge psychological assistance to the UAB community with needs, difficulties or suffering related to their personal, professional, emotional and relational life.


Servei de Psicologia i Logoèdia

Located at the Faculty of Psychology, this Service has a care area that offers the university community and society in general a specialized, high-level service in healthcare and clinical psychology, and speech therapy. The care activity of the Service of Psychology and Logopedics is mainly addressed to members of the UAB but also to relatives and people from their closest environment. It is also open to any person outside the UAB requesting their services. The first session is free of charge.



The UCAA has a team of licensed psychologists, advisors and tutors specialized in guidance, professional motivation and personal support in order to foster wellbeing and health and to facilitate the academic performance of the UAB community. This Unit offers support and coaching for undergraduate students and specialized psychological support for researchers.

La UCAA pone al servicio de la comunidad académica un equipo de psicólogos doctores, asesores y tutores especializados en orientació, motivación profesional y superación personal con el objetivo de fomentar el bienestar,  promover la salud y facilitar el éxito académico de la comuniad UAB. Esta Unidad proporciona un servicio de acompañamiento y coaching para estudiantes de grado y un servicio de acompañamiento psicológico especializado dirigido a personal investigador.


Fundació Autònoma Solidària

The disability and specific educational needs support service (SEN), PIUNE, works to guarantee that every person, independent of their disability or SEN can access higher education with equality of opportunity and enjoy a full academic and social life and autonomy at university like the rest of their peers. They attend students with physical, visual, auditive and multiple disabilities and those with leaning or mental disorders.


Unitat d'Assessorament Psicopedagògic

This Unit, located in the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE), provides psycho-pedagogical care through weekly or biweekly meetings between the student and the professional. It is a counseling process throughout the academic year, linked to a work protocol and with an adapted supervision aiming at strengthening the students' skills or working on their educational orientation.


Prevenció i Riscos Laborals

This Area manages the prevention and evaluation of occupational and health risks. It is also in charge of monitoring and controlling the agreements of the University Health and Safety Committee. In 2022, the assessment of psychosocial risks was integrated into the global process of risk prevention at the UAB.


Core en Salut Mental

This community brings together mental health research groups and centers from the UAB and its sphere and aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in mental health and emotional wellbeing, incorporating all the key agents of the system. Joining efforts in coordinating actions and sharing resources and information in a transversal way make this CORE a tool that fosters potential in research and transfer. Its lines of work are: 1) promoting mental health and wellbeing throughout life, 2) a transdisciplinary approach to the determinants of mental health and wellbeing, 3) multilevel evaluation and intervention strategies in mental health and wellbeing : from genomics to personomics, and 4) governance in mental health systems: participation, education and community.

Playlist with interesting audiovisual contents.


Unitat de Formació

The UAB training unit offers training activities on emotional wellbeing, stress and conflict management. They are published three times a year and are addressed to PAS and PDI.


Escola de Doctorat

Since mid-2020, the Doctoral School has been offering a four-session course based on coaching techniques and mindfulness practices with the aim of combating the anxiety, fears and frustrations that may arise during doctoral studies. This course is framed in the UAB's commitment to provide psychological support and professional advice to early stage researchers and will be followed by new actions in the coming years.

Research Yourself ®
Mode: face-to-face
Language: Spanish / Catalan
Trainer: Elvira Reche, PhD in Health Psychology
Adressed to: early stage researchers

Is your doctorate causing you stress? Do you feel overwhelmed by pressure? Are you worried about your relationship with your supervisor and your team? Do you find it difficult to mantain a good work/life balance? According to recent studies, earning a doctorate, although gratifying, can also be a mentally challenging process. For that reason, the Doctoral School has organised this 4-session course that, by using coaching and mindfulness techniques, will give you tools to combat the anxiety, fears and frustrations that may arise during this training phase.

Session 1: What is and what is not mindfulness. Is it useful for scientific personnel?
Session 2: Do we have an emotional profile? What is emotional regulation? Can it be measured?
Session 3: What are the main stressors of research staff? What are my time constraints during my PhD and why do I procrastinate...sometimes?
Session 4: Is a conscious communication with my research group and/or thesis director possible?

The Third Half

During the 21-22 academic year and fostered by the UAB Healthy and Sustainable Campus, in collaboration with the Doctoral School, the Psychology and Speech Therapy Service (SPL), the CORE in Mental Health and ReMo, a pilot of the activity The Third Half was launched. This action is aimed at improving the emotional well-being and psychosocial support of doctoral candidates.

The activity consists of a first part of 2 hours with exercises to improve motivation, well-being, communication and dialogue, including gamified activities in the outdoor spaces of the UAB. Afterwards, the participants share a more informal time in the campus cafeterias.

From 22-23, this activity will be directed by doctoral candidates specialised in psychoeducation and health promotion who will act as mentors.