The Entrepreneur Corner

A place to share experiences and create syngergies between companies

The Entrepreneur Corner is a space where companies and entrepreneurs of UAB Research Park to the network can share and exchange experiences and knowledge. The objective of these meetings is to encourage synergies and collaboration while providing an opportunity for companies to spread the project to other entrepreneurs.

If you are an expert in any subject that might help others entrepreneurs, contact us and we made a proposal.

Previous sessions

Ferran Pujol, CEO of Cuantum Medical, presented his experience as a manager of a start-up after 30 years working in a multinational company. Changes, advantages, disadvantages and similarities of each model.

Jordi Oliver, CEO of Inèdit Innovació, reported the changes he has had to face in order to become an entrepreneur to be an entrepreneur.

Sergi Gassó, founder and CTO of the company Pragmatic Diagnostics, presented his experience at the same time as raising a company only by clients. Are investors always necessary?

Lluís Martínez, founder and CTO of the company SEPMAG reported his experience in the search of financing and share his learning at the same time to coexist with investors. Are they always the best option?

Ramón Bacardit, CEO of the Afinitica company, will explain how to create an international business from Barcelona.

Xavier Codó, CEO of Icar Vision Systems, spoke about the evolution of the business model of his company, from the sale of projects, through the products and ending in services.

Jordi Roig, researcher at the UAB and founder of the Mass Factory, spoke about his experience in the search for private financing since he has just closed his first round of financing.

Rosendo Garganta, CEO of Devicare spoke about his experience on the stages necessary to develop and carry out a Medical Device.

Carles Domènech, cofounder of Ability Pharmaceuticals, presented his experience in the search for financing to develop the ABTL0812 drug, which is already being tested in patients with advanced cancer.

The researchers and entrepreneurs Javier Lafuente and Óscar Prado, of the Aeris spin-off, explained their experience in the management of competitive projects for R&D activities, such as Torres Quevedo, Nuclis and Horizonte 2020. Furthermore, they talked about sales-related aspects and will make an introduction on tax deductions for R&D activities.

The entrepreneur Raúl Aragonés, founder of AEInnova, speak about his experience participating in competitions as a way of doing the first steps as a company: searching for financing, increasing the network of contacts, improving the visibility of the company, etc.

Entrepreneurs Isaac Pinyol and Iñigo Zubizarreta presented the beta version of their iMath Cloud product, which allows you to easily and easily analyze data from any location or device as it works on a remote terminal or server, through access on the internet Likewise, the system offers the possibility of implementing and developing collaborative work, creating joint projects and sharing files and work environments.

Entrepreneurs Marc Guerrero and Xavier Mallol, founders of the company Delecta Technologies, showed their knowledge about web positioning and tools to improve the company's website, etc.