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  • Grau de Sociologia de la UAB

    VŪdeo promocional del grau de Sociologia de la UAB.

    Author: Dep. de Sociologia de la UAB
    Date: Febrer 2011
    Time: 08:02 
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas

    Author: Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona
    Date: Desembre 2010
    Time: 00:42 
    Size: MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • Welcome to the Libraries of the UAB

    You know the installations, the services and the products that will find to the Libraries of the UAB.

    Author: Servei de Biblioteques. Institut de CiŤncies de l'Educaciů.
    Date: Setembre 2010
    Time: 05:46 
    Size: 36 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • Participa, Actua, Canvia

    Presentation video of UAB's Solidarity Foundation (FAS). Volunteers working with FAS during the 2009/10 academic explain why they became volunteers, the projects they worked on and how the experience has benefited them. Participate, Act and Change!

    Author: Institut de CiŤncies de l'Educaciů. Fundaciů AutÚnoma Solidaria.
    Date: Setembre 2010
    Time: 07:37 
    Size: 49 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • Research at CAP II

    Presentation video of research carried out at the Department of Audiovisual Communications and Advertising II

    Author: Departament de Comunicaciů Audiovisual i Publicitat II
    Date: Juliol 2010
    Time: 03:39 
    Size: 42 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • EPSI Promo

    Promotional video of the School of Prevention and Integral Safety and Security. UAB-affiliated school.

    Author: Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona
    Date: Juny 2010
    Time: 03:06 
    Size: 47 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • Let's Talk Maths

    Promotional video with Math students

    Author: Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona
    Date: Juny 2010
    Time: 02:42 
    Size: 37 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • Un můn de llengŁes

    This video shows the diversity of languages and cultures to be found at the UAB. The campus is a place where languages and cultures interact and exist side by side, and where people have experiences, learn, dream, study and live together...It's a world of languages!

    Author: Servei de LlenGķes de la UAB
    Date: Abril 2010
    Time: 00:01:01 
    Size: 8,79 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • TV3: UAB researchers at Fukushima

    UAB researchers analize sea water at Fukushima

    Author: Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona
    Date: Setembre 2013
    Time: 02:01 
    Size: 10 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • Come to Faculty of Medicine!

    Do you want to know this Faculty?

    Author: Centre de Recursos Docents de Medicina - UAB
    Date: Desembre 2009
    Time: 06:56 
    Size: 45 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

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