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  • Deafness. Communication and Learning.

    An early detection and attention to deafness in newborns is essential. Learning techniques adequated to each child, new support actions, adapting the school environment to the needs of these children, and a close collaboration between parents and school can help children with hearing impairments integrate themselves fully in society and in the labour market.

    Author: Institut de Cičncies de l'Educació
    Time: 32:00 
    Size: 370 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • Aula Teatre 1994

    Representation of the " Romeo and Juliet " on the part of estudiants and putting in scene at expense of the Vice-Rectorat d'Estudiants i of promoció Cultural. The act fulfilled in the Plaça de les Oliveres of the Facultat de Cičncies de l'Educació.

    Author: SAE Audiovisuals. Facultat de Cičncies de l'Educació
    Date: Maig 1994
    Time: 00:28:31 
    Size: 169 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • Down's Syndrome and Educational Perspectives on First Stimuli.

    The maturing of the nervous system in the first years of life is an incredible process. It is especially at this time, when cerebral plasticity is at its greatest, that specific learning difficulties must be compensated. 

    Author: Institut de Cičncies de l'Educació
    Date: Maig 1994
    Time: 25:58 
    Size: 191 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

  • Communication in Gorillas and Children

    The aim of this research was to discover how far gorillas were capable of reproducing certain manual activities used by children in play, typical at one and a half or two years of age. We started from the idea that as the gorillas had been raised by human nurses and had a close relationship with them, they would be capable of showing abilities which are more psychological than anatomical to determine whether there is any proximity, or bridge, between the animal and human species.
    Specialists today believe that frequent contact with human beings, through education or apprenticeship, brings out capacities in these anthropoids which would otherwise not appear.
    Thus, although the results obtained in this research are rather poor, the possibility should not be ruled out that with education, training and more intense communication, gorillas and chimpanzees might manage to develop more sophisticated abilities.
    One could say that the important thing is to learn about human beings from the analysis of how anthropoids are capable of developing.

    Author: SMAV-Institut de Cičncies de l'Educació
    Date: Octubre 1990
    Time: 21:50 
    Size: 110 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

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