Where to find your research output

UAB Research output

The UAB Research Portal provides information about the research projects and publications of the university's researchers and research units.

Research groups and outputs in the DDD

Research output of research centres and groups in the DDD, the UAB institutional repository.

Digital Repository of Documents - DDD

The UAB Digital Repository of Documents (DDD) is the institutional repository collecting all the university’s research output, as well as its digital and institutional heritage fund.

Research Portal of Catalonia

The Research Portal of Catalonia (PRC) collects, displays and disseminates in a single location the research outputs produced in Catalan universities and research centres, facilitating open access.

UAB research groups

UAB research structure: information about currently approved research groups.

UAB research centres and institutes

UAB research structure: list of research centres and institutes updated (own, affiliated, interuniversity, associated and with agreement).