Senyal risc biològic

All facilities for carrying out activities with biological agents (BA) that require containment level 2 or above must have a biological risk sign at the main entrance door. This sign must also contain details of the BA involved and the entrance requirements, the name and telephone number of the Principal Investigator (PI) or the facility supervisor and his/her substitute.

There must be different versions of the sign depending on whether the biological risk is exclusive to human health, to animals or to plants. If there are multiple risks, the risk to humans is to be given priority.

Inside the facility there must also be a biological risk sign on the following:

- biohazardous waste containers
- containers for carrying and/or shipping BA.
- refrigerators and freezers that contain BA of risk group 2 or 3, human blood or other potentially infectious materials.
- baths, ovens, sonicators and biological safety cabinets.
- identification labels on the cages of experimental animals inoculated with RG 2 agents or above, whether these are human or animal pathogens.