Iesso roman city

Jaciment de la ciutat romana d'Iesso

The site of Iesso, located in the municipality of Guissona in the county of La Segarra, has been since 1990 an archaeological dig site in constant study, which allows learning about the Romanisation process of the region of Lleida and the characteristics of this Roman city.

The Roman city of Iesso was founded around the year 100 BCE, an ex novo foundation located in a strategic position at that moment which made good use of the region's abundance of groundwater and farming possibilities. Its foundation formed part of a programme to found Roman cities with the aim of consolidating the territory and creating a network of cities.

The city of Iesso was built on a grid plan, with orthogonal streets running north-south. It occupied a surface of some 15 to 20 hectares and was protected by a polygonal wall.

In 1995, the archaeological site of Iesso was declared a cultural site of national interest.