Symposium: Cross-Border Rural Tourism
8 March 2016

Research activity on the present situation of rural tourism, future prospects, and the potential for cross-border collaboration.
With the participation of the Girona Rural Tourism Association, the Gîtes de France Rural Tourism Association, lecturers with research experience in rural tourism, private-sector agents, public-sector agents and the Directorate General of Tourism, Government of Catalonia (Generalitat).

Seminar for research groups on tourism in Catalonia: From culture of tourism to creative industry
16 September 2016

Meeting of different research groups on tourism recognised by the Generalitat, with the participation of the School, to discuss the research currently underway in Catalonia and set up an initial database of lines of research at each institution.

ATLAS Association

The School is associated to ATLAS (Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research), which promotes international teaching and research in tourism, leisure, culture and other related subjects, and facilitates teacher and student exchanges between institutions.