Facultat de Ciències Polítiques i de Sociologia.
Edifici B. Campus UAB - (Despatx B3b/-119.2)
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)
Descripció del grup i línies de recerca:
The Seminar of Women's Studies (SED), after a long history since its creation in 1978 (under the leadership of Judith Astelarra, Marina Subirats and Maria Jesús Izquierdo), has started this academic year with the aim of consolidating the project that its last coordinator, Teresa Torns, has been developing in recent years: to convert the SED into a space of cross-cutting discussion and reflection for researchers from the different research groups of the Department of Sociology, who carry out research on gender perspective.
During this academic year, the coordination of SED has been taken over by three researchers who belong to different research groups, Pilar Carrasquer (QUIT), Maribel García (GRET) and Sonia Parella (GEDIME), to reflect  the mainstreaming of the gender perspective in the research conducted by our department.
SED is located at the office B3b / -119.2 (Faculty of Political Science and Sociology), the phone number is (+34) 93 581 24 20 and its e-mail is One more year, SED is supported by a trainee student’s Sociology Degree, Dounya Moussaoui. The schedule is each Monday from 10.30h to 13.30h and each Tuesday and Thursday from 14.30h to 18.00h.
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Departament of Sociology
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