Open Access


You can create your open educational resource from scratch with the tools we offer you. Before you create your resource, however:

  • Find out if what you want already exists or something similar that you can be inspired by or even reuse.  
  • If you need to create it again, think about what kind of resource you need to make and check out the tools we offer you to create it. Take into account the recommendations of the 5Rs.

Once you've created your open educational resource, you can think about where you want to publish it to  give access to it.  


 Free and open source editor to create educational resources

It provides access to selected learning materials and online support, as well as content creation tools. Led by an international community of educators, learners and researchers

Collection of resources for teachers and students. Teachers can view the custom resource for the class, and students can view the custom resource for their learning needs.

Collection of tools and resources developed by Andy Morodo and aimed at teachers who need to create new educational resources.

It adds TED videos to a theme creation template and complements the video with questions and additional content.

Editor and converter of formats, texts, images, etc. Files, both uploaded and generated again, are deleted after 15 minutes.

It allows university groups to enhance and share their knowledge by editing Wikipedia within the framework of an educational project, teaching the world what they are learning.