Medical and wellness tourism

Medical and wellness tourism

Medical and wellness tourism, linked to the high-level, specialised treatments offered by certain medical services, is generating an influx of new tourists within a sector that shows great potential. This line of research analyses this tourist profile, the offer currently available and the evolution of these new markets.

Another area of research is the sociological analysis of tourism. It is becoming important to study consumer behaviour with regard to current trends and customs. Changes in consumer decisions are not only related to economic variables of a commercial nature, but are no doubt influenced by sociological factors.

The School of Tourism and Hotel Management also wishes to strengthen ties between the tourism sector and education. This line of research sets out to cover topics like the degree of professionalism in the sector, employment options, the profile of university students linked to tourism and a comparative analysis of training received and the demands of the labour market.

Researchers: Eva Canaleta-Safont