Provision of services

The Area of Research plans and develops the necessary processes for offering its services. The processes documentation sets out the way to:

  • Establish the needs of anyone requesting a service
  • Plan the service
  • Carry out activities (including those related to monitoring and acceptance criteria)
  • Present the results
  • Measure and analyse the indicators
  • Keeping the necessary documentation and registers
The UAB research website is used to give information about the services we offer and their main characteristics, as well as ways of contacting us and the procedure to follow when making a request.

In our units we hold meetings with those interested parties to find out their requirements and keep them informed through different channels (meetings, web pages and e-mail lists) of the actions carried out, new services and improvements in them, as well as coordinating with other areas of the UAB.

We are able to verify that the requirements for services are met as specified in each of the documents in the quality system that they apply, and we have the tools to communicate with the interested parties:
  • Our qualified staff can offer information about services and processes and answer technical and management questions
  • We have systems for recording the opinions of our users, including any complaints
Fpr general or specific questions users can contact the corresponding person responsible by consulting the research staff directory.

The Area of Research plans and carries out its services in a controlled environment which includes:
  • Availability of the quality system documents, reference documents and any other document necessary for carrying out the tasks
  • Availability of the necessary and appropriate equipment and tools (such as data bases)
  • Control tasks for the activities carried out including the systematic review of data and the results of the processes
  • Submission of the final results to interested party once verified

The services (reports, files, etc.) can be conveniently identified to assure their traceability and thereby recover the basic information of the service. In order to assure the conservation of the results of services both paper and electronic files are conveniently available.