Information processing

The Area of Research has set up the quality system, and keeps it updated, continuously improving it in accordance with ISO 9001. The process map defines the processes carried out in the Area of Research, their sequence and interaction.

All these processes and sub-processes, along with performance measurements, services offered and supporting documents are kept on up-to-date, accessible records.

The documented information management is an important process within the quality management system and is integrated in the document and archive management system of the UAB, as established by the General Archive and Registry.

This process of documented information management assure the following.

  • Management of the approval and issuance of documents
  • Review, modification and approval of updated documents
  • Management of document distribution and accessibility
  • Control of legibility and identification of documented information
  • Storage, conservation and recovery of information
  • Retention time and availability of information
  • Control, identification and distribution of external documents
  • Management of obsolete documents