Shared leadership

The deputy executive administrator for research, as head of the Area of Research, encourages all staff to be leaders in their own area of responsibility:

  • by defining and communicating the strategy for their area
  • by fostering the active involvement of each person and teamwork
  • by developing the policy on quality and its objectives
  • by promoting continuous professional development (internal and external activities)
  • by fostering internal communication, project-monitoring meetings and system reviews
  • by acknowledging individual and group success
  • by setting up effective communication channels
The organisation and responsibilities of the Area of Research is described in the organisation chart, which shows the hierarchical and functional relations between the different elements. The main competences and responsibilities of the elements in the chart are also clearly defined.

The Area of Research sees the staff as the key pieces of the quality management system. People who assume responsibilities also take on leadership and their competences are based on the education and training they have received and the experience they have acquired. The Area of Research has established a continual process for training (which begins in the welcome stage), updating of skills and promotion of its staff.