Horizon 2020 funding

Horizon 2020 Funding

The European Commission’s Framework Programmes have become the main funding instruments through which the European Union support research and development activities covering almost all disciplines.

The UAB aims to encourage the participation of its researchers in this programme as well as other European programmes and has set up a Specialist Support Service.

·UAB Office for International Research Projects de la UAB

The international research advisory team in as follows:
Head of Office
Katja Schustakowitz :  katja.schustakowitz@uab.cat
                                   Telèfon: +34 935812940       
ICT, Nanotechnologies, FET, Transport, Space and Safety
Alejandra Campos: alejandra.campos@uab.cat
                              Telèfon: +34 935814964

Social Science and Humanities
Núria Claver: nuria.claver@uab.cat
                     Telephone:+34  935813209

Environment and Energy Efficiency
Veronica Colombo: veronica.colombo@uab.cat
                                Telephone: +34 935868630

Marie Sklodowska-Curie
Queralt González: queralt.gonzalez@uab.cat
                          Telephone: +34 935812854

Health, Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology
Paqui Rabadán: francisca.rabadan@uab.cat
                         Telephone: +34 935813752