JPI Cultural Heritage, Society and Ethics Joint Call


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Oficina de Projectes Internacionals

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  • European Commission


JPI Cultural Heritage

Thematic area

  • Social sciences

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PJE_Projectes Europeus

Intended applicants

  • Investigadors/es (INV)
  • Grups de Recerca (GRU)


The Cultural Heritage, Society and Ethics joint call (JPI CH CHSE) aims at furthering the understanding of the relationship between cultural heritage – tangible, intangible, digital and natural – and major societal issues through transnational research projects.

JPI CH CHSE funded projects should explore the relationship between these three notions from a Social Sciences and Humanities perspective, thus being able to address current conceptual frameworks and facilitating the emergence of new ones. They should create conditions for new ways of engagement and dialogue between disciplines and stakeholders; study what the impact of these new ways in varied cultural contexts. Applicants are encouraged to adopt multi- and trans-disciplinary methodologies and approaches.

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