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Call Deadline Stage
Fundación Premios Rei Jaume I: Premis d'Investigació 2023 Funding entity: 05/04/2023 Pending
Strategic litigation Funding entity: 25/05/2023 Pending
Capacity-building and awareness raising on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights Funding entity: 25/05/2023 Pending
Promoting rights and values by empowering the civic space Funding entity: 25/05/2023 Pending
Supporting an enabling environment for the protection of whistleblowers Funding entity: 25/05/2023 Pending
Protecting EU values and rights by combating hate speech and hate crime Funding entity: 25/05/2023 Pending
QuantERA Call 2023 Funding entity: 11/05/2023 Pending
Beques sobre Bioètica 2023: Fundació Grifols UAB: 31/05/2023 - Funding entity: 31/05/2023 Pending
Premio Juan Abarca 2023. Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales Funding entity: 31/05/2023 Pending
New food resources and technologies to improve public health and food security (FOODRETEC) Funding entity: 21/04/2023 Pending
Promoting community sponsorship schemes and integration of persons in need of protection Funding entity: 16/05/2023 Pending
Integration and inclusion at regional and local level Funding entity: 16/05/2023 Pending
Support to integration in education of migrant children and young adults Funding entity: 16/05/2023 Pending
Promoting complementary pathways linked to education and/or work Funding entity: 16/05/2023 Pending
Multi-stakeholder initiatives for migrant integration into the labour market Funding entity: 16/05/2023 Pending
Transnational actions to support Member States in the field of protection of children in migration Funding entity: 16/05/2023 Pending
Convocatòria dels ajuts per finançar projectes de recerca per a la mitigació i l'adaptació al canvi climàtic UAB: 23/03/2023 - Funding entity: 30/03/2023 Pending
Becas de investigación en universidades o centros en el extranjero 2023, de la Fundación Alfonso Martín Escudero: Becas de investigación en universidades o centros en el extranjero UAB: 30/04/2023 - Funding entity: 15/05/2023 Pending
Convocatòria ICREA Sènior 2023 UAB: 01/03/2023 - Funding entity: 07/03/2023 Pending
BBRF Young Investigator Grants 2023 Funding entity: 31/03/2023 Pending