Barcelona Synchrotron Park

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The Barcelona Synchrotron Park (BSP) is a 408-hectare (1.5 square mile) park centered around the ALBA synchrotron that has been in operation since 2012. It is located on the northern outskirts of Barcelona, at the heart of Àmbit B30, an industrial territory of about 30,000 companies. The Park is a member of the Network of Science and Technology Parks of Catalonia (XPCAT).

BSP is flanked on one side by the Research Park at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (PRUAB) and the Vallès Technology Park (PTV). While roughly half of the Park is designated for high tech companies and both residential and commercial development, a full 189 hectares are devoted to green space.
Locally known as Parc de l’Alba, BSP is a public consortium between the local city council of Cerdanyola del Vallès and the government of Catalonia through INCASÒL, the agency in charge of the management of public lands.

 are lecturers and professors from the UAB, ICREA and other senior researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and students in training, as well as technology services and platforms created within IBB and which now function independently.

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In the central part devoted to hosting high tech firms, BSP offers close to 600,000 sq.m. of fully urbanized space divided into 96 plots between 2,100 and 36,000 sq.m. with top level infrastructure designed to meet synchrotron requirements with own electricity, district heating and cooling system, 6 telecom operators with their own optic fiber network, Data Centers, … and a direct and immediate access to the E15 highway.
But BSP environment is the most important advantage offered to companies: on one hand, a powerful industrial environment with a dense network of SMEs and large multinational corporations such as Novartis or Hewlett Packard and on the other hand, a supportive environment for R&D and training with college departments, engineering schools, scientific and technological services, technology centers and research centers.
In light of this, both UAB and PRUAB are key BSP partners and, by the way, the three entities have a cooperation agreement and a special agreement for a privileged access of UAB to BSP plots.

Strategic research areas

Considering BSP business and R&D environments, 5 priority (not exclusive) industrial sectors have been identified:
  • healthcare
  • energy and materials
  • food and beverage
  • aerospace
  • ICT

Services of interest to the UAB CEI community

ALBA synchrotron




hectares devoted to green space


plots devoted to companies


fiber optic networks


district heating and cooling system


Data Centers (IBM, T-Systems, SILC Immobles 1 and 2)


Responsible: Pere Solà i Busquets, director

Address: Edifici SENER, C. Creu Casa i Sicart, E-08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès

Telephone: +34 935 91 07 80