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Sabadell is a university city with a clear commitment to innovation and knowledge being one of its most characteristic traits. The city is home to one of the campuses of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and centres belonging to the Ramon Llull University, through its School of Design (ESDi), the Open University of Catalonia and the Parc Taulí Foundation-University Institute. For many years Sabadell has been striving to achieve educational excellence by placing post-compulsory education such as university studies as one of its centre goals.
The city works in constant collaboration with universities. As fundamental transmitters of knowledge (in this sense, with a focus on the quality of study programmes offered and their suitability to current needs), universities are also essential to the promotion of research and innovation. Among the collaboration projects being carried out there is the agreement with UAB to develop aeronautical studies and an aeronautical management cluster, a unique project in Europe. Other UAB collaborations can be found in the medical sciences sector, conducted by the Health Care and University Corporation Parc Taulí or the promotion of the Health Sciences Park, created with the objective of strengthening research in this field.
Sabadell is also one of the promoters of the B-30 axis, a project working on increasing collaborations between local companies, academic institutions and municipal authorities with the aim of consolidating a competitive industrial and university structure leader in Catalonia and in the Mediterranean.

Since November 2009, Sabadell has been an associate member of the Campus of International Excellence.

University and research centres:

School of Engineering
Faculty of Business and Economics
Fundació Parc Taulí - Institut Universitari
UOC - Open University of Catalonia




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Mayor: Juli FernÓndez i Olivares

Address: Plaša de Sant Roc, 1 (08201) Sabadell

Telephone: 34 93 745 31 00