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The city of Barberà del Vallès has over 31,000 inhabitants and includes the modernity of an urban city, the development of new technologies applied to the industrial and services sector, and its cultural and social traditions. It is one of the main cities of the county in terms of industries and with a clear division between residential areas and industrial parks, with respect and care for the environment and the city's natural surroundings.
Fore more than 15 years, Barberà del Vallès has worked closely with Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona thanks to several collaboration agreements such as the "Campus Ítaca" programme (since the 2004/05 edition), which the city's young people participate in to encourage students to continue their education once they finish secondary school. A new online training platform has been created as well. "Deganus" aims to meet the needs of those with difficulties in combining training with personal or professional responsibilities. The platform was created in collaboration with UAB.
Other outstanding activities are the series entitled "Barberà emprèn amb els universitaris" which the city organises each year with the aim of fostering social economy and entrepreneurial spirit among UAB students, business initiative contests with prizes for university projects - many of them won by UAB students - and University-Business workshops to bring together members of both sectors. A Knowledge Area for Senior Citizens was also created to give senior citizens the chance to broaden their cultural and social experiences through conferences which are mainly given by UAB lecturers.
Finally, in 2009 the city council of Barberà del Vallès and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona signed an agreement for future teaching, social and cultural collaborations. The agreement aims to explore collaboration lines in academic, social and cultural areas, and in specific aspects such as establishing mobility networks, creating technology-based companies, sharing infrastructures, facilities, equipments, etc.




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Mayor: Sílvia Fuster Alay

Address: Av. Generalitat, 70 (08210) Barberā del Vallčs

Telephone: 93 729 71 71