Links to the UAB

The municipality is closely linked to the UAB on two levels. Firstly because the majority of the city's university students attend UAB and secondly because there is constant feedback between several departments and faculties, and a special relation with Psychology, Education Studies and Social Education. Badia del Vallès works closely with IGOB and offers many work placements for students of Education and Psychology. Two secondary school centres also participate each year in UAB's Ithaca Campus.
In November 2009, Badia del Vallès Town Council and the UAB signed a collaboration agreement in order for the former to join the UAB’s Campus of International Excellence (CEI) as an associate member. This served to give continuity to a relationship of over eleven years, in which several collaboration agreements with the UAB had been reached.




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Mayor: Eva Menor

Address: Av. de Burgos s/n (08214) Badia del Vallès

Telephone: 93 718 22 16