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Badalona is one of the oldest and most historic cities of Catalonia. It lies ten kilometres to the north of Barcelona and only 28 km from the El Prat airport. It has an extensive transport network and is the third largest city in Catalonia, and the largest of northern Barcelona.

In November 2009, the Town Council and the UAB signed a collaboration agreement on teaching, social and cultural activities, in which the former expressed its interest in joining the Campus of International Excellence (CEI) as an associate member, in order to set up mobility networks and technology-based businesses, share cultural and sports facilities, etc.  

Sports and culture make up an important part of the city, while the Teaching Unit of the University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, a UAB-affiliated centre, is located in the vicinities of Can Ruti. It includes several centres dedicated to healthcare research, given that it is one of the headquarters of the Barcelona Health Region (RSB).

The Badalona City Council promotes entrepreneurship and vocational training among its citizens through policies facilitating self-employment and the creation of new businesses. It also includes an international business centre which organises workshops and meetings for professionals of different sectors.

University and research centres in Badalona

University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol - UAB
In the 2010/11 academic year, undergraduate students enrolled in Biomedical Sciences attended part of their lectures at the Badalona hospital.

Institute of Predictive and Personalized Cancer Medicine (IMPPC)
The centre is dedicated to pure and applied research into genetics and the epigenetics of cancer, with numerous publications, training of researchers, patent registrations and spin-off companies.

Germans Trias i Pujol Health Sciences Research Institute
Its mission is to discover, preserve, disseminate and promote excellence in multidisciplinary, translational knowledge and technology development in the field of biomedical sciences.

Catalan Institute of Oncology

This highly specialised and advanced centre offers coordinated diagnosis, treatment, prevention, research and training services. It includes a hospitalisation unit and several therapeutic service areas.

Diagnostic Imaging Institute
This public centre is affiliated to CatSalut, the Catalan health care service. Its main mission is focused on the administration and management of diagnostic imaging services and nuclear medicine, as well as in participating in technology innovation projects, development of research and promotion of academic training.

IrsiCaixa, AIDS Research Institute
The centre carries out top quality and internationally renowned research on HIV and AIDS with the aim of contributing to improving knowledge, prevention and treatment of the disease, as well as to facilitate research results which directly benefit health professionals and patients.

Guttmann University Institute for Neurorehabilitation
The centre works on the development of academic, scientific and research aspects related to neurosciences in general and to neurorehabilitation and technologies applied to increased personal independence in particular.

Petroleum Bridge
Originally a pier for ships transporting petroleum, the bridge now contains a series of instruments used for all types of environmental and biological measurements, which allows scientists to study topics related to climate change, alternative energy sources, coastline dynamics, etc.

Centre for Mental Health of Badalona
Clinical services include diagnosis, guidance and treatment; academic services include "Clinical Work Placements" in psychology since 1984, with agreements signed with the universities UB, UAB, Ramon Llull and UOC. It also organises interdisciplinary seminars and debates in the clinical, educational and cultural fields.




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Mayor: Dolors Sabater Puig

Address: Plaza de la Vila, 1 (08911) Badalona

Telephone: 93 483 29 20