Local festivals and leisure municipal initiatives:

Sant Antoni Abat Festival
Festivities for Sant Antoni are celebrated on the second Sunday in February.
Aplec del Pa
Traditional festival celebrated in Barberà del Vallès. The festival is celebrated always on Easter Sunday and is of great importance to the inhabitants of the city and region since it is the only festival of its kind. The festival gathers crowds at the city's 12th century Romanesque church, where followers go to mass and participate in the blessing of the bread and other traditional events.
Medieval Market
The medieval market is located in one of the most important area of the city, the Romanesque church built in the 12th century.
Local Youth Plan 2011-2014
Many of these actions will be applied between 2011 and 2014, and are closely related to the municipality and its relations with the university:

Grants for reinforcement classes.Creation of a system of grants for university students and/or graduates interested in giving reinforcement classes to secondary school students.Dissemination of science and strengthening ties between university and the municipality. Promote programmes to disseminate science activities carried out in the region in collaboration with Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (and other universities.

Ithaca Campus. Social-educational programme organised by UAB in collaboration with the City Council of Barberà del Vallès and addressed to brilliant students in danger of not continuing with their studies after completing secondary school due to social or economic problems.

Night study room. Esteve Paluzie Library opens all night during exam periode.

"La Roma" study area.    

Youth Culture Programme. Cultural activities programme (theatre, music, exhibits, etc.) created for young people according to their petitions and participation.

Espai Jove de Festa Major.

Definition of organisations at Nau Arquímedes. A participative process to determine the uses and management of activities to take place at Nau d'Arquímedes.

Promotion of young artists. Promotion of the artistic creations by local youth by setting up areas in which their work can be exhibited, as well as incorporating them in the cultural and artistic activities of the city.

Concerts calendar. Creation of a calendar of concerts in collaboration with youth organisations.

Youth Summer. Alternative leisure activities for youth during the nights of summer.




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Mayor: Sílvia Fuster Alay

Address: Av. Generalitat, 70 (08210) Barberā del Vallčs

Telephone: 93 729 71 71