UAB Emprèn
Entrepreneurship Services Programme

Getting it into shape

Tailor-made guidance

Once the business idea has been studied and its viability confirmed the;UAB Emprèn team helps to structure the project and sets in motion the entrepreneurial process that will provide the path towards business maturity or decision on which is the bet model for exploiting each initiative

The final objective is to find a successful model, with an interactive focus, by which each proposal can be defined, tested and improved using different methods (such as Model Canvas or Lean Startup).

During this first stage of the process, the university helps entrepreneurs in two key aspects:

- Search for talent and the creation of the entrepreneurial team, in order to achieve a balanced multidisciplinary professional team adapted to each project.

- Preparation of a business plan plan – a fundamental tool for developing the business which allows strong and weak points of the idea to be identified, the technical and financial viability to be analysed and a solid method of taking the project forward to be defined from the start, with a broad socioeconomic projection.