Innovation, knowledge transfer & companies

Entrepreneurial networking

Networks and organisations for entrepreneurship

ACC1Ó: a support agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya for business competition, specialising in the promotion of business innovation and international projection.

Barcelona Activa: a local development agency of Barcelona City Council offering quality information and tools for setting up and consolidating a business.

CIRCE (Information Centre and Network for Company Creation): an online guide to business creation.

General Directorate for Young People, Autocompany and Entrepreneurship programme: a support programme for all young people who want to be entrepreneurs and create their own companies and their own jobs.

Enterprise Europe Network: a network made up of chambers of commerce, business development agencies and university technology centres.

Eurecat: a foundation for the promotion of technologically based companies in the transport, health, industrial equipment and energy sectors.

Generating Entrepreneurs: a programme creating by different organisations to help companies speed up their growth.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM): international observatory offering information about entrepreneurial activity in over sixty countries.

Xarxa Emprèn: Generalitat de Catalunya portal for company creation.

Red Emprendia: American-Spanish university network for the promotion of entrepreneurship and the company incubation.

University Entrepreneur Network: created by Catalan universities to detect entrepreneurial talent and carry out promotional activities.