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New lipidic compositions for coating bacteriophages 

IP Status: European Patent Application filed on February 2014

Description: Bacteriophages for control of bacteria are widely used and exist several commercial products already to be used as surface disinfectants, livestock bacterial control agent or food safety product. The problem is that often such products do not show an optimal performance due to different causes: - pH: If naked bacteriophages are administered to animals or humans a significant decrease of the effective concentration is observed due to the low pH condictions of the gastrointestinal tract. - Storage: Liophylization is a good solution for product storage. Nevertheless, when bacteriophages are liophylized an important decrease of the infectivity is observed. The nanoparticles developed by our scientists allow a great viral performance of the phages even if they are administered to animals or if they have been liophylized. Experimental data in Salmonella contaminated poultry show that coated bacteriophages have the same lytic activity than naked bacteriophages but show longer efficcacy against bacteria.

Department: Department of Genetics and Microbiology

Contact: Lucas Martín