Research chairs


Chair in Transfusion Medicine and Cell and Tissue Therapy

The Chair in Transfusion Medicine and Cell and Tissue Therapy (CMT3) came into operation on 25 June 2008 with the mission of promoting training and research among students and professionals in the area of transfusion medicine and cell and tissue therapy and other health and life sciences, and with the vision of becoming recognised as references in the generation and transmission of knowledge in this area.

The Chair is made up of members of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), The Foundation for Health and Ageing of the UAB (FSiE UAB),and the Blood and Tissue Bank (BST), and aims to become a platform to promote collaboration between researchers and teaching staff in the areas of biomedicine, health and care and teaching staff and researchers from other areas of the UAB. In particular from:

  • the Department of Medicine,
  • the Department of Chemical Engineering, and
  • the Department de Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology

The Chair is also responsible for coordinating the UAB Master’s Degree in Transfusion Medicine and Advanced Cell Therapies.