Groups of research and investigation

-Office of Communication and Education

Director: Dr. José Manuel Pérez Tornero


The Office of Communication and Education is a consolidated group that aims to promote research in an area of confluence between two disciplines: communication and education. Since its creation it has carried out initiatives destined to integrate, conscientiously and freely, new communication technologies in the global or knowledge society. The Office of Communication and Education has been recognised by AGAUR (Agency for the Management of University Grants and Research) of the Generalitat de Catalunya as a Consolidated Research Group as a result of its path, projection and development. The main areas of research in the Office are: educational TV, education in the media, the development and management of educational projects, educational multimedia and educational networks.

-HISPER- Research group in Journalism History

Director: Dr. Josep M. Figueres

The research group in process of constitution- is formed by several professors of the Departament of Journalism and Communication Studies and others universities: UB, UPF, UIB-. Its main objective is the historical study of journalism and its social projection. HISPER organizes differents activities  in the context of degree studies in journalism at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, the prize Ploma d'or, the Congress History of the Press in colaboration with Journalism Studies at the UPF) etc.- and collaborates on initiatives about the analysis of the history of journalism like Gazeta, a weekly publication of the Sociedad Catalana de Comunicación, a filial of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans. The research group has presented as a research project I+D+I the investigation "Diccionari de Periodistes Catalano-Balears". Furthermore, Hisper is going to celebrate a exposition about the journalism in the 30's.


-LPCCP- Laboratory of Journalism and Communication for Plural Citizenship

Director: Dr. Amparo Moreno

The Laboratory of Journalism and Communication for Plural Citizenship carries out research and the creation of a new information management model that allows progress towards a new understanding of the role of information and society as a whole in the development and management of public space.

Our understanding is that the University has an obligation to find new means of information management.

Evidently, in order to achieve this research task and the application of new processes, we need to establish relations in each of the scenarios with which we are involved. The diversity of functions in the administrations and public institutions mean that personalised intervention is necessary and a model adapted to each situation.


-LAPREC- Prospection and Research Laboratoryin Communication, Culture and Cooperation

Co-directors: Dr.Marcial Murciano and Dr. Teresa Velázquez

Communication policies and Cultural Industries by region; Cultural studies, discourse analysis and communication; International cooperation for development and Communication by regions. LAPREC Observatories: Mediterranean Communication Observatory (OMEC) ( and Ibero-American Communication Observatory (OIC).

LAPREC is made up of four heads of research programmes, twenty researchers and three trainee researchers attached to the research projects.

-OFENT- Television Fiction and New Technologies Observatory

Director: Dr. Charo Lacalle

The group OFENT studies the representations of fiction concerning the social construction of identities in the television and new technologies, from the articulation of television and the internet. The Observatory follow-up the programming, production and consumption of Spanish TV fiction and is part of OBITEL composed by 11 fiction television producer countries in Iberian and Latin American area. Both OFENT as OBITEL assign special attention to the construction and reception of new transmedia narratives. The group gives particular attention to experiment with new methods of analysis constructed from the discourse of the media socio-semiotic approach, mainly aimed to training young researchers. Currently, the group works on various researches funded projects.


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